Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Pros: Clear, flexible interface. Lots of organizational tools. Responsive speed. Ultimate power in video editing. Rich ecosystem of video production apps. Excellent stabilization. Unlimited multi-cam angles.





Introduction to Premiere Pro CC

  1. 8-step editing in Premiere Pro
  2. Customizing workspace
  3. Importing and organising media
  4. Inserts, Overrides & Replace Edits
  5. Trimming, Splitting, Moving & Deleting
  6. Understanding the timeline
  7. Working with Audio
  8. Applying effects
  9. Color corections techniques
  10. Creating titles


  1. Multi-cam editing techniques
  2. Frame blending
  3. Cutting to Audio
  4. Creating Variable Speed effects
  5. Understanding Alpha channels
  6. Interpreting Alpha channels
  7. Replacing hero shots
  8. Building Action montages
  9. Adding placeholder transitions
  10. Recording voice-overs

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